Louison Rare + Fine

Edwardian Emerald Diamond Horseshoe Ring

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Louison Rare + Fine

Edwardian Emerald Diamond Horseshoe Ring

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A spectacular Edwardian emerald and diamond two-tone horseshoe pin is re-imagined here as a sparkly statement ring with the addition of a hand-carved, tapered shank in 18k gold to match the original setting.


One of the most popular symbols of good fortune in the Victorian and Edwardian eras was the horseshoe. Like the clover, wearing it was thought to bring good luck and fortune to the wearer, and many believed the luck was "stored" inside the horseshoe's curve.

From the Old French "esmeralde," emerald means "green gemstone," and is regarded as one of the world's most valuable gemstones. The Incas and the Aztecs regarded it as a holy stone, and Cleopatra was known to lounge on gold beds adorned with the precious stones. The birthstone of May, its verdant green color is associated with spring and ideas of awakening and rebirth. Considered a strong stone of protection, it is thought to bring forth manifestation of energy and ideas, and attract prosperity and abundance.


18k Yellow + White Gold, Emeralds, Old Mine Cut Diamonds


Excellent - Horseshoe is in beautiful condition with all original stones. Stones have incredible color and sparkly and setting has beautiful workmanship. Modern band is in perfect, unworn condition.






Size 6. Face of the ring measures 13 x 13.75mm.