Angela Louison

Owner, Designer

Angela is a third-generation New Yorker and lifelong lover of gems. She traces her fascination with jewelry and antiques to a childhood spent rifling through her maternal grandmother's jewelry box in her Upper East Side apartment, learning about everything from Victorian rings to Chanel costume pieces. Raised in close proximity to her father's family, a strong line of Brooklyn-bred Italians who expressed their faith in the religious talismans they collected and wore constantly, she developed her own, truly personal sense of jewelry.

Angela is formally trained in Fine Art Photography and Anthropology, with a BA from Bard College, and has been working professionally with jewelry since 2010. She brings her visual aesthetic as well as her love of a good story + good luck charms along when curating Louison Rare, her collection of antiques. Her line of contemporary jewelry, Louison Fine, was born from her desire to create modern treasures of heirloom quality. She lives in Brooklyn with her daughter, Rafaela Juliette.


Louison Fine

Louison Fine is a collection of limited designs handmade in New York City. Wherever possible, we use recycled materials, (repurposed antique stones, recycled metal + diamonds) in an effort to reduce our environmental impact and contribution to the enormous waste associated with the jewelry industry. All of our jewelry is handmade here in New York City, with stone-setting and hand-engraving done by some of the most talented artisans the city has to offer. These dedicated craftsmen work by hand and employ years of experience to contribute to the standard of quality we strive to achieve.


Louison Rare

Louison Rare is a curated selection of vintage and antique jewelry inspired by Angela's love for jewelry throughout the ages, and the history and stories they carry. From the simple beauty of Mexican silver to the rarest Georgian gold, our focus is on offering compelling, unique pieces of the highest level of beauty and craftsmanship.

In addition to authentic originals, Louison Rare also includes a selection of converted vintage and antique components, re-imagined with the addition of hand-carved bands, hand-engraving or other adjustments to enhance their beauty and wearability (read: the best kind of recycling!). Whether rescuing a brooch damaged beyond repair, or breathing new life into a stickpin that just wouldn't get much wear these days, these pieces each hold a special place in our hearts and often require months of planning, design work, and labor to transform them into modern, one-of-a-kind treasures. Look out for them among the rest - their provenance (and our process) is always clearly noted.