Louison Rare + Fine

Art Deco Diamond Buckle Necklace

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  • Art Deco Diamond Buckle Necklace

Louison Rare + Fine

Art Deco Diamond Buckle Necklace

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An Art Deco era lingerie pin with a satin gold finish and a twinkly diamond is given an updated, modern twist when re-purposed as a necklace.


The 1920s saw women obtaining newfound roles of independence and power outside the home. For the first time, ladies made up 25% of the workforce and and earned the right to vote. Flappers smoked in public, danced the new dances, and were sexually liberated, not least of which by the new fashions for women, which kissed goodbye the binding, heavy fabrics of the past and embraced embellishments, accessories and delicate fabrics. Slips became a necessity to wear under the often see-through fashions of the time, and lingerie pins like this one were used to hold the slippery fabric in place.

Beginning in the Victorian era, the buckle or garter belt motif became a popular way to express friendship and fidelity in relationships. The simple shape was made popular by Queen Victoria, and bestowed the wearer with a sense of attachment and eternal love from the giver. A sparkly, 1.5mm diamond set in the center adds an extra touch of brilliance.


14k Yellow Gold, Diamond


Excellent, no noticeable flaws.




Pendant measures approximately 18 x 10mm. Chain is adjustable 16-18".