Louison Rare + Fine

Edwardian Coiled Diamond Snake Ring

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  • Edwardian Coiled Diamond Snake Ring

Louison Rare + Fine

Edwardian Coiled Diamond Snake Ring

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This substantial Edwardian snake ring makes a great statement with many coils of rich 18k yellow gold, pretty chased details and a bright, Old European cut diamond head.


The ouroboros (from the Greek "Devouring Snake") has been alive and kicking since the Ancient Egyptians, who first used it as a marker of the beginning and end of time in tomb and funerary art. Centuries later, the Romans embraced the snake as a symbol of everlasting love, but its popularity in jewelry is still most often attributed to Prince Albert, who famously asked for Queen Victoria's hand in 1839 with a gold and emerald ring shaped like a snake eating its tail. Their love story was known as one for the ages, and Victorians celebrated all things serpentine as the go-to signifier of never-ending love, rebirth and protection.

The late 19th-century saw major advancements in the field of diamond cutting. Facet patterns changed dramatically, with smaller culets and larger tables favored in what would eventually be known as the Old European cut - an antique version of what we now know as the Modern Round Brilliant. Known for the distinctive flower-like pattern to their facets, Old Euro cuts are known for providing maximum brilliance while still offering the vintage charm we love.


18k Yellow Gold, Old European Cut Diamond (approx. .25ct)


Very good - diamond is in perfect condition, gold shows light surface patina commensurate with age.




Size 5. Ring measures approximately 16mm from tip to tail. Please note because of the substantial width of the ring, sizing is slightly less generous.