Louison Rare + Fine

Edwardian Synthetic Ruby Necklace

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  • Edwardian Synthetic Ruby Necklace

Louison Rare + Fine

Edwardian Synthetic Ruby Necklace

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An Edwardian stickpin featuring a beautifully colored lozenge of synthetic ruby in a claw setting is transformed into a necklace when suspended on a delicate gold chain.


Synthetic gemstones were developed in the early 1800s, with the first synthetic ruby created in 1877 by Auguste Verneuil, a French chemist. By 1902, the flame-fusion process (also known as the Verneuil method) was announced to the public as an available method for synthesizing these beautiful "gemstones." Synthetic gems were subsequently celebrated as scientific marvels - representing the height of technology as man-made objects with exactly the same properties and characteristics of their natural counterparts, including crystal structure, refractive index, specific gravity, chemical composition and colors.

The Victorian and Edwardian eras saw the advent of a technological revolution, with developments in almost every field, particularly in the West. Synthetic stones fit right into the period and were often prized over natural stones because they symbolized the developments in technology of the time.


14k Yellow Gold, Synthetic Ruby


Excellent, no noticeable flaws.




Pendant measures approximately 11 x 9mm. Chain is adjustable 15-17".