Louison Rare + Fine

Georgian Foiled Garnet Ring

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Louison Rare + Fine

Georgian Foiled Garnet Ring

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This classic Georgian foiled garnet solitaire sparkles with the richest red in a beautiful setting complete with original patina. 


Flat-cut garnets date back as early as 1730, and continued to be popular in jewelry until around 1820. Garnets have been appreciated throughout jewelry history not only as the birthstone for January, but as symbols of fidelity and love. In medieval times the stone was thought to cure depression and protect against disease. Noah allegedly used a brilliantly glowing garnet to illuminate the ark’s path on treacherous nights. It has been thought to protect against poisoning and reunite separated lovers. A beautiful stone and ring, this is surely a collector’s piece to be treasured.

"Foiled" refers to the use of reflective foil behind the stone, a common practice in the Georgian and Victorian eras that involved backing the gemstone with a sheet of metal to help better reflect light or add color. In antique jewelry, this technique was used to bring out the best in a gemstone, before modern cutting practices and tools were around to maximize the stone's brilliance. Goldsmiths during this time had to get creative, and boy did they ever! Everything from metal to silk thread to peacock feathers were used, and before long, the craftsmanship involved in high quality foiling was elevated to an art of its own.


9k Gold, Garnet


Good - stone is in perfect condition, with lots of light and sparkle; shoulders of setting show signs of wear commensurate with age.




Early 1800s


Size 5. Center stone measures approximately 11 x 9.75mm.