Louison Rare + Fine

Georgian Diamond + Garnet Giardinetti Necklace

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Louison Rare + Fine

Georgian Diamond + Garnet Giardinetti Necklace

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A gorgeous Georgian-era Garnet Giardinetti stickpin resembles an anatomical heart encrusted with rosecut diamonds - we've transformed it into a stunning necklace with the addition of a simple gold chain.


Garnets have been appreciated throughout jewelry history not only as the birthstone for January, but as symbols of fidelity and love. In medieval times the stone was thought to cure depression and protect against disease. Noah allegedly used a brilliantly glowing garnet to illuminate the ark’s path on treacherous nights. It has been thought to protect against poisoning and reunite separated lovers. A beautiful example of this stone, this necklace is easily the most gorgeously wrought pin we've ever come across - a collector's piece to be treasured!

The Giardinetti motif (Italian for "little garden") was popular beginning in the mid-18th century, and reflected a widespread affection for more delicate, floral Rococo styles. Often asymmetrical in design, these pieces were fashioned as rings and pins such as this one, and typically featured colored stones accented by diamonds. This stunning example features a spray of flowers in rosecut diamonds set in silver, which crawl up the garnet carbuncle to form a cage of sorts that ingeniously rivets to the back of the stone's setting. The stunning effect is resembles an anatomical heart - which further enhances the garnet's symbolism of love and fidelity.

This spectacular example of the giardinetti style features a spray of flowers rendered in silver and gold and set with diamonds, emeralds, and a single red ruby. The bouquet stems from a footed vase set with a vibrant pink-hued natural ruby. Absolutely stunning and in immaculate condition. - See more at: https://ericaweiner.com/products/georgian-ruby-diamond-and-emerald-giardinetti-ring#sthash.bq4j29nb.dpuf
This covetable Georgian ring is known as a giardinetto/giardinetti (Italian for "little garden(s)"). These floral-themed rings reflect the mid 18th century taste for delicate, elegantly composed Rococo styles, a departure from the from the heavier and more ostentatious styles of earlier years. Giardinetti rings - sometimes fluid and asymmetrical, sometimes even and balanced - typically feature diamonds and small colored gemstones. These rare jewels were designed to - See more at: https://ericaweiner.com/products/georgian-ruby-diamond-and-emerald-giardinetti-ring#sthash.bq4j29nb.dpuf


18k Gold, Sterling Silver (setting), Rosecut Diamond, Garnet


Excellent, no noticeable flaws.




Early 1800s


Pendant measures approximately 15 x 12mm. Chain adjusts from 14-15".