Louison Rare + Fine

Retro "Plus Qu'hier" Pendant

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Louison Rare + Fine

Retro "Plus Qu'hier" Pendant

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This timeless 14k pendant bears a timeless message of love and devotion made popular by famed jeweler A. Augis, who dubbed it the "medal of love."


"Plus qu'hier, moins que demain," which translates to "More than yesterday, less than tomorrow," is loosely used in french (the language of love, of course!) to mean "I love you more every day." The saying is inspired by a line from a poem by 19th century playwright Rosemonde Gérard which reads "For, you see, each day I love you more/Today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow." Published in 1890, the work didn't become popular until 1907, when Alphonse Augis, a French jeweler, began making medallions with this excerpt engraved on them. The medals ranged from plain gold, like this example, to more embellished versions, and are still produced today.


14k Yellow Gold


Excellent - medal is in perfect condition with no signs of wear.


14k, Unknown Makers Mark




Pendant measures approximately 19mm round.