Louison Rare + Fine

Victorian Ruby Milk Teeth Ring

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Louison Rare + Fine

Victorian Ruby Milk Teeth Ring

Sold out


This incredibly rare Victorian ring features a stunning combination of two milk teeth surrounded by a halo of glittering rubies in an intricately pierced, openwork setting.


The rage for setting babies' first teeth in jewelry began in the 1860s, when Queen Victoria had Princess Beatrice's made into a showstopping pair of earrings as a token of her love. Often confused with mourning pieces, baby teeth (or milk teeth, as they are commonly referred to), were used for quite the opposite - as symbols of celebration. In a time where infant mortality was common, having a child reach what the Victorians considered "adulthood," or the age where their baby teeth fell out, was considered a milestone worth commemorating. Never mass produced for obvious reasons, each piece of milk teeth jewelry was almost always completely unique, a deeply personal item both in material and design.


18k Yellow Gold, Rubies, Baby Teeth


Excellent - Setting is in beautiful condition with mild surface patina and no other noticeable wear. Milk teeth are in impeccable shape - a rarity considering their age.


Horse's head - for 18k gold items made in France between 1838-1919, Makers Mark (Illegible).




Size 5.25. Face of ring measures 16 x 12mm.