Louison Rare + Fine

Victorian Turquoise Dome Ring

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Louison Rare + Fine

Victorian Turquoise Dome Ring

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A magnificent late Victorian dome ring is studded with Persian turquoise in a most unusual, striking pattern. A most impressive statement piece.


Turquoise has been prized since the Ancient Egyptians as a stone with a special power for healing, and used as a symbol of true love and friendship. Queen Victoria gifted her ladies-in-waiting incredible pieces of turquoise jewelry, and some even believe that wearing the stone around your neck or wrist will draw out impurities and negative energy from the body.

A note about turquoise of this era - because old turquoise was not stabilized (a modern process that involves treating the stone to prevent the color from changing), and turquoise is a soft stone, it would eventually develop into various shades of blue and green as a result of exposure.These turquoise all appear to be original, and have taken on that lovely play of colors that is so common for stones of this age. This "patina," of sorts, does not detract from the value, in fact, it enhances it. For true collectors, this is a great indicator of the piece's age and authenticity.


9k Gold, Turquoise


Very Good - age related patina and wear commensurate with normal use.






Size 8. Face of the ring measures approximately 16 x 19mm.